Final Fantasy XI type TAB targetting in Final Fantasy XIV using target filters.

Go to Keybind > System
Under “Move Cursor/Target Cursor Left (Right)”
The default is the number-pad keys. I switched to Tab and Shift Tab.

Go to Keybind > Targeting
Scroll down to “Set Target Mode to….” These need to be set.
(There is a bug with PC only toggling “Enemies” and Enemy only toggling “Friendly”.)

Go to Character Menu > Character Configuration > Filters
Refresh your “Enable target cycling:”
Customize these to what you want as it’s going to differ by person.

When you use this method to cycle through you will need to press “0″ to switch to the new target.

Why you should avoid the Mobile Device Protection Association when you buy a new cell phone.

Quick backstory: Purchased an HTC One S through Wirefly in May 2012 for $150. They offered a NO DEDUCTIBLE replacement plan for $8/month which would replace my phone if it were ever lost/stolen/damaged. I signed up for it as the price per month was comparable to T-Mobile but the deductible was much less.

I’m not naive, and I knew I couldn’t just throw my phone in the toilet and it would get replaced, but I didn’t expect what happened when it was actually stolen from my person.
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LEGO City Undercover and the curious case of reviewing LEGO games

On March 18th, TT Games and Nintendo will release LEGO City Undercover, an open world LEGO game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. Like a few other Wii U games released since the November 18th launch, reviews have been all over the map. Some reviews are glowing about the game and how it plays and other reviews are the exact polar opposite in regards to the same positive items in a different review. This is very much like a previous Wii U game, ZombiU, where reviews never seemed to agree on anything.

This got me to thinking: How exactly did previous LEGO games score on average? The easiest way I thought to do this was to use a scoring site like Game Rankings or Metacritic. I chose Metacritic specifically because it is the site that most people use when discussing game ‘scores’. With LEGO City undercover currently sitting in the 75-80 Metacritic range, I was looking to see where that would put it in the grand scheme of LEGO games.
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AutoCAD vb.NET – Getting a list of blocks by block name

Pretty simple. Creates a selection set based on block name and returns an array list.

Usage: Dim myBlocks as Arraylist = getblocksbyname(myDWG,myDB,myED,blockname)

Public Function getBlocksByName(ByVal myDWG As Document, ByVal myDB As Database, ByVal myED As Editor, ByVal blockname As String) as arraylist

Dim myPSR As Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput.PromptSelectionResult
Dim myTV(0) As DatabaseServices.TypedValue
myTV.SetValue(New TypedValue(DatabaseServices.DxfCode.BlockName, blockname), 0)
Dim myFilter As New EditorInput.SelectionFilter(myTV)
Dim mySS As Autodesk.AutoCAD.EditorInput.SelectionSet = Nothing
Dim myObjIds As DatabaseServices.ObjectIdCollection = Nothing
Dim myObjId As DatabaseServices.ObjectId
Dim myEnt As DatabaseServices.Entity = Nothing
Dim entinfo As New ArrayList


myDWG = ApplicationServices.Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument
myDB = myDWG.Database
myED = myDWG.Editor
myPSR = myED.SelectAll(myFilter)

If Not IsNothing(myPSR.Value) Then

mySS = myPSR.Value
myObjIds = New DatabaseServices.ObjectIdCollection(mySS.GetObjectIds)

For Each myObjId In myObjIds

myEnt = myObjId.GetObject(DatabaseServices.OpenMode.ForRead)


End If

Catch ex As Exception

End Try

Return entinfo

End Function